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ADHD Treatment

Most children have such moments when they have extra energy. But how often do you need to tell your child to slow down or stop interrupting. We provide ADHD treatment for hyperactive children of age group 2 to 17 years old.  Hyperactivity is a sign of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)ADHD in children can also happen with other conditions.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) is also called  attention deficit disorder(ADD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects teens and children’s and can continue in adulthood. In children’s ADHD  is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder. Children with ADHD may be overactive and unable to control their impulses. Or they may have trouble in paying attention. These behaviors interfere with school and home life. So children need proper adhd treatment to overcome this problem.

It is more common in boys than girls. It is usually discovered during the early school years when a child begins to have problems in paying attention to anything.

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Therapies For ADHD Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects the ability of a child to pay attention and they find it difficult to sit still for a long period of time. Not only this, ADHD also has negative impacts on child’s relationship with family and other children. Their behavior is not just disruptive but becomes quite challenging for those who have to get engaged in day-to-day activities with them. There are many effective therapies that can help children control such behaviors.

Many ADHD symptoms can be managed with therapy. If started earlier, these therapies can be more effective. It is therefore advised to start the treatment for ADHD child as soon as diagnosis is made.


All these are foreign techniques for adhd treatment.

Types Of ADHD

  • Inattentive: Being distracted, poor concentration and organizational skills
  • Impulsive: taking risks, interrupting
  • Hyperactivity: talkative and never seems to slow down
We provide best adhd treatment for all three types of ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms

Most commonly the ADHD is diagnosed in small children when they go to school and interact with others in a very new environment. Behavior such as anger issues, easy distraction, control issues, inattention, disrupting others, etc. are few common symptoms of ADHD. However, it is important to note that different children may experience these symptoms differently.

The adhd symptoms in children are divided into three categories:

Inattention Child with ADHD:
  • Easily gets distracted
  • Does not follow the instructions or does not finish the tasks
  • Does not seem to be listening
  • Ignores and makes negligent mistakes
  • Forgets about daily activities
  • There are problems in organizing daily tasks
  • Do not like to do things that still need to sit
  • Often loses things
  • Sees the daytime dream
Hyperactive Child with ADHD:
  • Whispers, fits, or bounces on the seating
  • Does not sit for long
  • There is a problem playing quietly
  • Always keep moving, like running or climbing things (in teenagers and adults, it is usually described as restlessness.)
  • Does more than talk
Impulsivity Child with ADHD:
  • Problem in waiting for a turn
  • Interrupts others

If your child shows any of these symptoms then contact us for adhd treatment. However, before proceeding for treatment it is important for parents to be sure of the symptoms as ADHD symptoms sometimes may also resemble other behavior or medical condition. As such, certain similar symptoms can be seen in children who do not suffer from this disorder. For confirmation about these symptoms, parents must get in touch with doctors and healthcare experts.

Causes Of ADHD

Many researches have been carried out but there has been no precise cause to suggest why a person suffers from ADHD. Although the exact cause behind this disorder is not known, the following things have been determined to be the reason why someone suffers from ADHD.
  • Heredity ADHD runs in families so needs proper adhd treatment on time.
  • Chemical imbalance people with ADHD may have brain chemicals out of balance
  • The brain changes. Areas of the brain that control meditation is less active in children with ADHD.
  • Poor nutrition, infection, smoking, drinking and substance abuse during pregnancy. These things can affect the development of a child’s brain.
  • Toxins, such as lead. They can affect a child’s brain development.
  • Brain injury or brain disorder Damage to the front part of the brain is called frontal lobe, can cause problems with controlling impulses and emotions.

Effects Of ADHD

ADHD Disorder causes many negative effects on children, so they need adhd treatment as soon as possible.

  • social isolation
  • low job performance
  • Inability to make a permanent bond with others
  • Leaving school
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Risk-taking behavior increase
  • depression
  • conduct disorder
  • Family Disruption and Stress
  • crime
  • The risk for casual injuries
  • substance abuse
  • antisocial personality disorder

Helpful Tips for Parents

Parents often get concerned after learning that their child is suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Fortunately there are many treatment options available for such children and help for the parents. Many healthcare providers, therapists, coaches, support group are there to help parents go through this phase of their lives where they have to be strong for themselves and their children. These are some tips for parents that can help them control their child’s behavior.

Children should be kept away from distractions, especially when they have important work left to do. Use of mobile phones, watching TV, creating noise and every other task that can distract your child easily should not be done in front of them.

Task management should be taught to children as well. By breaking complex tasks into simple, children can be encouraged to perform their daily activity with greater ease.

Maintain discipline but not by scolding your children. It may take some time and patience with them but be sure to never lose your temper with your child as he/ she is troubled and suffering already.

Make proper time table for your child and ensure that they follow it. It will create a habit that will help them gain perspective of things and how and when they should be done.

Create an environment that is positive as things are already quite stressful when it comes to children suffering from ADHD.

A healthy lifestyle in which nutrition and sleep both are abundant but not excessive is important for children with this disorder. Physical activities are a must too.

Parents who find it overwhelming to take care of ADHD child can get in touch with different therapy centers and support groups that provide treatment for ADHD children

Why Choose IIAHP For ADHD Treatment

We provide the best ADHD treatment Results in the whole country and all ADHD children are improving. Foreign therapists visit twice a year for teaching new techniques of ADHD treatment to IIAHP Staff. Senior staff of IIAHP takes training in foreign countries to keep the team update about latest techniques for best results in ADHD treatment.

IIAHP is a well renowned ADHD treatment center in Chandigarh, India.  We take new children for ADHD treatment all year. For all-around development of the child, the advanced intellectual program that includes Reading, Encyclopedia, Maths, etc. is given and a home program also available for distant/foreign parents.

We give the best guidance for diet, nutrition, and supplements.

We also provide Cerebral palsy treatment, and Special needs children treatment, etc.

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